First Printing Errata
Sometimes mistakes happen matter how long we work on a book.

page 62: In the Level 7+ entry Dexterity 12 should indicate one-sixth, not six times, the average human reaction time.

page 63: Endurance Point Formula Chart for Seraphim, Greater Seraphim and Incarnates is incorrect. It should read + 100, not + 10.

page 75: Under Nerves of Steel, the page cite for Fear Tests should be p.125.

page 76: The term paraplegic is used to describe someone who has crippled legs. The condition described as paraplegic in the rules is more properly called quadriplegic.

page 120: Under the Resisted Tasks/Tests subheading Combat, the page cite should be p. 125.

page 137: The text under Breaking Things should clarify that damage types (slashing/stabbing, bullet, etc.) modifiers are inapplicable to inanimate objects.

page 137: The Common Objects Table headers should be "Armor Value," "Damage Capacity," and "Barrier Value."

page 142: The Damage Capacity formula for large military vehicles is misstated. It should be "50 plus five for every 500 pounds (250 kg) up to 20 tons. After that point, Damage Capacity increases by five per ton." That makes the Damage Capacity of the 30-ton tank would be 500.

page 146: Under Improving Characters, the page cite should be p. 147.

page 215: Under Striking Flames, D6 x 10 should average (30).

page 245: Under the Immortality Boon, the costs for Forever Young and Longevity have been revised.  Since most games do not cover enough of a time period for these benefits to come into play, they should have no cost.  They are still a benefit however, and no doubt the power will demand something in return.

page 257: Under Life Pool in the first column, the page cite should be deleted. The Life Point formulas for Seraphim appear on that same page. Under Survival Tests, the page cite should be p. 139.

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