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What's New!

The Magic Box and The Book of Final Flesh now in stock
AFMBE Book of Archetypes now available for PREORDER
Angel RPG now available for PREORDER
Armageddon 2nd Edition now available for PREORDER
Slayer's Handbook Standard and  Limited Edition now in stock
Pulp Zombies now in stock
Terra Primate now in stock
Buffy Pop Up Characters and  Buffy Supernatural Defense Kit now in stock
Book of More Flesh and Buffy Director's Screen now in stock
The Hand Unseen (for Conspiracy X) now in stock
Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG and Limited Edition Corebook now in stock
Liber Bestarius now in stock
GURPS Conspiracy X now in stock
Enter the Zombie now in stock
KoDT HACK! Card Game now in stock
The Book of All Flesh Anthology now in stock
Power and Privilege, The Rosicrucian Covenant Book now in stock
WitchCraft Chronicler's Shield now in stock
Arkasia and Wonders d20 now in stock
AFMBE Shirts, Mousepads, Hats, Tote Bag and Boxer Shorts and Mugs. Click on image below to order.
Bodyguard of Lies 1 and 2 are currenlty OUT OF STOCK
Rail Empires: Iron Dragon Computer Game now available for download

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