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The WitchCraft RPG is, first and foremost, a work of fiction meant to entertain. A number of facts have been mixed with liberal dose of fantasy in the game, and people who seek information, spiritual guidance, or an excuse to do stupid things should do so elsewhere. The witches in this game are as unrealistic as the wizards in Tolkien's tales; none of the secret organizations and conspiracies in this game are meant to portray real world groups.

Having said that, I would like to point out a few real facts. Wicca is a real world religion, based on ancient folk beliefs and practices from Europe which, during the Middle Ages and the Reformation, were persecuted by the Christian Churches. Wicca has nothing to do with Satanism, and is a religion with as much legitimacy (if perhaps a less comprehensive organization) as Christianity and Buddhism. The "Wicce" in this game (Wicce is nothing but the female form of the ancient Anglo-Saxon word Wicca, or Wise One) are portrayed as having some of the beliefs and principles of real world Wiccans, but are as fantastic as the Christian-oriented, monster-hunting Sentinels also depicted. People wishing to learn more about Wicca should go to their local library or bookstore; there are plenty of non-fiction books on that subject.

Finally, anybody who has problems distinguishing fantasy from reality and who thinks this or any other games depict actual occult practices should stay away from this and similar games. He should also stay away from television, books of all kinds, and most forms of mass media; in fact, he should not leave his home; you never know if a soft drink commercial will prompt him to jump off a tall building. Parents of minor children should, of course, exercise their judgment as to whether or not this and other roleplaying games are appropriate for their children. Everyone else -- enjoy the WitchCraft RPG.

Carlos J. Martijena-Carella

The World of WitchCraft
An Introduction by John Buczek

Welcome to the world of CJ Carella's WitchCraft Roleplaying Game. It is a world very like our own but with a much darker side. The monsters and horrors that fill our legends and "fairy tales" walk the earth, hunting and using us for their own purposes. The spirits and vampyres, demons and angels, shapeshifters and things unimagined, all move through our world just as they have since time immemorial. And we have helped them remain hidden for we no longer believe in the unseen.

Long ago our ancestors prayed to their gods for safety and life. They used magic for rituals and charms to bring them luck and to protect them from the creatures of the night. Today technology and science have replaced magic and faith as the tools we use to protect ourselves from the dangers of the world. The horrors of the night still walk, but we no longer believe in them. They are free to do with us as they will.

Of course you don't need to be a supernatural force to create mayhem. Humanity also creates monsters of its own. There has never been a shortage of regular men and women, Mundanes, that are willing to sacrifice their humanity for profit or chaos or power.

But we are not powerless. The dark and evil are not the only unseen forces that remain in our world. The noble and divine exist here as well. There are those among us who have not forgotten that the horrors are real. Some still have the ability to draw upon the Essence of creation to fight back for the side of Order and Light.

These are the men and women that you will play in this game, those chosen by fate or decision to walk the thin line between the darkness and the light. They are known as the Gifted for they have re-discovered the power and ability to fight back using the magic and gods that have never really left us. Some use magic to bend the world to fit their will. Some use the powers of the mind to see and know and do things to carry them through both the small battles and the coming war. Even among the Mundane there are those who have seen the truth and chosen to give themselves to the fight.

There are many different groups of Gifted and Mundane fighting the good fight together. They are known as Covenants. Each has different strengths and weaknesses as well as different beliefs. Some follow the One God. Some strive for a balance with nature. Others view their Gifts as a means to force the world into Order. Often the Covenants do not agree or get along, but they all know that the War needs as many soldiers as it can get. Be they witch or psychic or faithful they all fight on the side of Light.

And those soldiers are badly needed in this time of crisis. The one thing that all the Gifted agree on is that there is a Reckoning coming. The cycle of the ages is coming to a climax and the Gifted may be the only thing standing between our world and its destruction. Those on the side of Darkness know this as well. Some are hastening its coming. Some are trying to carve out as large piece of the world as they can before it arrives. Others have reasons and agendas beyond our ability to comprehend.

Welcome to the world of WitchCraft. It is not an easy or entirely pleasant world to live in, much like our own. The fight against the forces of Darkness is a noble one, however. With luck and perseverance your characters may be the ones to tip the balance and help to save the future of our world.



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